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Killzone 2 demo Feb. 26 on PSN; Sony explains Feb. 2 pre-order-only release


Not pre-ordering Killzone 2? Curious as to when you'll be granted access to the demo on PSN? Short answer: Thursday, February 26th, a day before the game's official release, Sony has confirmed through MTV Multiplayer. Of course, those who pre-order the game -- exclusively through GameStop -- will be able to download and play the demo as early as February 2nd.

As Multiplayer has posed, the practice of essentially selling a demo to those who have already committed to purchasing the game (only through a specific retailer) seems counterintuitive to the inherent purpose of a demo; namely, to convince the uncommitted to buy your game. "Offering a playable demo to motivate pre-orders speaks to our confidence in the appeal of a game such as Killzone 2," explained Sony's Scott Steinberg to Multiplayer. "We take this approach when we are convinced that the experience will cement a consumer's interest in purchasing. Retailers will then merchandise those demos within their stores and online to maximize their visibility." Next up: LocoRoco 2 -- demo it by pre-ordering the full game at a retailer near you.

Curious about Killzone 2? Check out our ridiculously informative FAQ, featuring everything from button layout to release date to Trophies to multiplayer analysis, and more! And if that don't do it for ya? Then proceed directly to our hands-on preview of the single-player campaign.

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