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Breakfast Topic: Did you accomplish what you wanted during the Love festival?

Dan O'Halloran

For better or worse, the Love is in the Air festival is over. Though there was much wringing of hands over the drop rate of the Bags of Candies, the location of Red Roses and enforced hour downtime between Pledge looting, many players managed to procure the title "Love Fool." Others are busily scribbling hate mail to Blizzard about how they are never going to get their Violet proto-drake because of this. (Pro tip: We're not Blizzard so please don't send it to us. Really. No, really.)

I managed to snag my title early Sunday evening after finally getting my last candy heart and then shamelessly /shouting in front of the Ironforge Auction House to mend broken hearts. This is the first festival I've achieved a title though I can't tell you why I chose this one. Probably because there was no PvP involved. Which will take me out of the running for the Children's Week achievement that involves no less than 2 PvP activities.

Enough about me. Did you get what you wanted out this event?

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