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Exmovere's Chariot returns on video, might actually be real


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Well, the base might be ripped right from the Showbots, but Exmovere Holdings doesn't seem to be totally kidding about its "Chariot" wearable transportation device. There's a new video up that demonstrates its use, with a character akin to the Summer Heights High guy at the helm ("I'm a little early," "He's stuck in traffic, you know. I just took my own way here, so I had no problems..."). If you can get past his slightly annoying implementation of the Chariot, it's not hard to see the benefits of a device like this over a wheelchair -- if it pans out, that is. Our theory is that Exmovere is using this gaudy Showbots platform as a jumping off point, adding in accessibility features, working on additional functionality (like sitting) and hopefully tweaking the looks before it goes to market. Hit up the read link for the video.

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