Exmovere's wearable Chariot: for the mild-mannered cyborg

What does it take to make robotic exoskeletons look like a quaint relic of the past? This -- a new wearable transportation device concept that Exmovere Holdings has dubbed the Chariot. Apparently, the device is specifically intended to help amputees and people that have difficulty standing, with a range of sensors used to let the wearer control the device at speeds up to 12 miles per hour with a minimum amount of physical effort. Better still, Exmovere looks to have even more ambitious plans for production versions of the device, including on-board vital sign sensors, built-in wireless and cellular connectivity and, yes, even specialized versions for military and law enforcement customers. Head on past the break for more evidence of the future.

Update: As commenter Videoranger Commander has noted, the device in the picture is almost certainly a fake -- it's actually the bottom of a Showbots uniform. Lame. What's interesting is that Exmovere put out a full press release, so we're guessing the company was just hoping no one would catch this little lie while they work on a real product -- if one actually exists.