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Ding-dong, the console Witcher is dead (for now)


After rumors began circulating that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of The Witcher had been canceled, Shacknews reports that development on the game has been suspended due to "financial issues." Specifically, co-developer Widescreen Games alleges that CD Projekt failed to make a large payment to the company. This comes by way of Widescreen Games director Olivier Masclef, who stated, "After having committed to the project but not being covered financially on it for three months, I [had] no choice."

CD Projekt's joint CEO Michal Kicinski, meanwhile, states that all payments were made according to the game's milestone plan and that the late payments were the result of Widescreen missing its deadlines. Kicinski adds that the decision to put development on hold was "extremely difficult" and that the company is searching for a solution. He concludes, "So no matter what the final decision or solution we will find, please be sure that it will be the best for the game quality, and satisfaction of gamers, which is the most important for us!"

Whatever the real story is, the end result is that The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf is currently dead in the water.

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