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Samsung's XL2370 'highest performance' 1080p monitor goes global in August


We're not at all clear what, if any difference, exists between Samsung's new XL2370 monitor and the $399 P2370L announced back in January. Both are 23-inch LED backlit members from Samsung's "Touch of Color" lineup sporting a 2ms response and 1080p resolution. The XL2370 claims an ambiguous "finger-slim" design sounding very much like the 0.65-inch depth of the P2370L. The only hard difference is the stated increase in dynamic contrast ratio from 2M:1 (P2370L) to 5M:1 -- a pointless distinction most likely rooted in competitive hyperbole rather than any visible distinction you'd see in your home office. Regardless, the XL2370 will carry the title of Samsung's "highest performance monitor" (which is saying something) when it ships to Korea in mid-July on the way to its European and "other parts of the world" debut in August.

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