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Mom installs 98-inch screen in son's bedroom ceiling, deservedly garners award nomination


Thought you had it all set with a 14-inch TV and an NES in your room as a kid? Then you might want to look away for a minute, lest your childhood memories be diminished. Everyone else can take a good look at this 98-inch screen that Patti Deni had installed flush in the ceiling of her son's bedroom. At the center of the setup is an NEC projector paired with some Draper projection mirrors, which fills that 98-inch StarGlas60 display with some full HD images than can be viewed from just about any angle. As you might expect, however, this wasn't exactly the easiest of installs, and apparently even involved reframing and reinforcing the ceiling. No word on any mom of the year awards just yet, but the setup itself has at least attracted the attention of Electronic House's Home of the Year awards.

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