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Steven Soderbergh calls out the aspect ratio villains: HBO, AMC - We're talking about you


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You've gritted your teeth every time TNT flips the switch on its dreaded stretch-o-vision, and we've done our part to explain why proper aspect ratios are so important, and yet few have taken heed. Perhaps director Steven Soderbergh can succeed where we have failed, railing against cable channels that, instead of using HDTV to deliver movies the way they were meant to be seen, are often cropping and squeezing to give what they think viewers want instead. The worst network? AMC. Not only is it guilty of pan scanning like HBO, but the advertisements tease the movies in their correct aspect ratio, the cruelest bait and switch of all. Check out the article for a full explanation from behind the lens of why correct treatment of aspect ratios matters, and please, tell a friend to tell a friend.

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