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Ankama's Islands of Wakfu headed to XBLA, PAX


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Read the headline above, and you know about as much as we do. Ankama Games, known for its 2D MMORPG, Dofus, has announced that it's bringing its upcoming XBLA title Islands of Wakfu to the Penny Arcade Expo next month. Beyond that, we've only got a handful of screenshots and the company's modus operandi to work with.

We're unsure what relation Islands of Wakfu has to Ankama's similarly titled PC game, Wakfu. It could be that the XBLA version is some kind of spin-off, perhaps a retooled version of the previously announced DS version of Wakfu. We've contacted Ankama to see if the company can clarify. In the meantime, check out some Islands of Wakfu screens below, and a trailer for the PC Wakfu after the break.

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