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NorhTec shows off sub-$300, AA-powered Info Pad tablet


Upstart NorhTec has already manged to pull off a pretty impressive feat by actually getting its $200 Gecko EduBook out the door, but it looks like it's now setting its sights a bit higher, and has taken to the intertubes once again to show off its now-in-development Info Pad tablet PC. As you might expect, this one is more or less just a tablet version of the EduBook, right down to the same 1GHz Xcore86 processor and rechargeable AA NiMH batteries for a power supply. Of course, it does also get a new 8.9-inch resistive touchscreen to make up for that whole lack of a keyboard part, which will apparently only bump the price up to $295.95 (making it the least expensive x86-based tablet, according to the company). Head on past the break for the video overview, and look for the tablet itself to be available in November or December.

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