Norhtec's $199 Gecko EduBook, and its AA batteries, now available

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|06.12.09

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Norhtec's $199 Gecko EduBook, and its AA batteries, now available
Northtec's $199 Gecko EduBook and its AA batteries now available
You thought it wouldn't happen; you thought it couldn't be true. A $199 netbook that runs on the same batteries your fully-motorized LEGO AT-AT eats for breakfast? That's right, the updated Gecko EduBook we showed you last month is now available for purchase -- on two conditions. First: that you don't mind giving your credit card number to someone in Thailand. Second: that you don't do a spit-take when you're quoted a shipping fee. The laptop is indeed selling to individuals for a nickle less than $200, but if you're looking to outfit the entire class of 2017 with a fleet of these you can get that price way down to $160. A bargain, for sure, but just how well is that Xcore86 system on a chip going to cope with Windows XP, and who's the brave soul willing to risk a couple Benjamins (plus s&h) to find out?

[Via Digital Home Thoughts]
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