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Watch a co-op killing spree through Borderlands


We're only a few scant weeks away from the release of Gearbox Software's Mad Max–inspired FPS Borderlands, but that doesn't mean we're fully sated in the way of gameplay trailers. No sir, we were more than happy to watch the split-screen co-op above, all the while envisioning a future couch being sat on, whiling away hours with a buddy by shooting raiders in the face. Speaking of which, what do future couches look like ...

Anyway! We understand that everyone isn't lucky enough to have a roommate or friends to enjoy games with, so we should point out the co-op above can also be played via the internet, as well -- just, you know, not split-screen. You could do that, but then who would you punch for not having your back? Yourself? Come on! Think, people.

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