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Kodak selling OLED display business to LG, cross-licensing like there's no tomorrow


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It was always hard to comprehend Kodak as a display technology company while maintaining a zero presence in the TV or monitor industry, and now, after developing the first OLED material way back in the 70s and plenty of beautiful displays since, Kodak is getting out of the OLED game. They're selling to LG, who first inked a deal with Kodak back in March for using Kodak technology, just started selling a 15-inch OLED in November, and hopes to have a 30-inch display out by 2012. Kodak calls its IP portfolio for OLED "fundamental," so even if this doesn't speed up LG's time to market, it might give it some significant cost advantages in the long run. Speaking of patents, Kodak and LG have also entered into a "broad" cross-license agreement to dip into each other's patent portfolios, and the two companies could last be seen skipping merrily, hand-in-hand into the sunset.

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