LG teams with Kodak for future OLED devices

Details are still sparse, but Wired has it that LG Electronics has just inked a deal with OLED mainstay Kodak in order to use the latter's technology in all sorts of future devices. For those unaware, Kodak's actually been dabbling in OLED for ages now, though it rarely offers up dedicated products in order to take credit. Reportedly, LG could bake Kodak's OLED magic into devices such as mobile phones, televisions and digital photo frames, though we suspect LG has a few other out-of-the-box widgets planned as well. As much as we love the idea of an OLED watch phone, what we're really clamoring for is a big screen Scarlet with an OLED panel. Let's make it happen, alright folks?

[Via OLED-Display]