Powermat CES 2010 lineup hands-on

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|01.07.10

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Powermat CES 2010 lineup hands-on
We just swung by Powermat's table here at Digital Experience, and we're really digging the newest lineup of products out of the company. It's offering up its appropriately titled power mats in sizes for one, two, or three devices, as well as specialized folding solutions for the car or when you're not near an outlet. The place we see the real promise, though, is with the swappable batteries we heard about earlier. That's right, the days of those ugly, bulky cases are over if you're lucky enough to have a device that's supported. We saw demos for multiple models, including a handful of BlackBerrys, the Droid, and the MyTouch 3G -- sorry iPhone users, you still need a jacket. Even more interestingly, there's an app available for Android users that will allow Powermat to remotely optmThe netbook solution the folks at Powermat are hocking is more of an adapter with an external jacket, and it's not the most elegant solution. Be sure to check the gallery below for glamour shots of the new gear in action.

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