Samsung's pico projecting W9600 gets a brief hands-on

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Samsung's pico projecting W9600 gets a brief hands-on
Samsung made a fairly tame showing at CES but we did bump into a rather sweet bit of integrated projection fun. The W9600 replaces last year's W7900, and, like its predecessor, the specs are pretty thin. We do know, however, that it uses Texas Instruments' WVGA chip for the projection, has a 5 megapixel cam, a completely beautiful touchscreen AMOLED display, and can project vids, pics, and even the phone's interface. We've always felt that projection phones are pretty toys but ultimately, we didn't see a really solid reason they existed when we first saw them, and we still don't with the W9600. That being said, this phone doesn't feel so much like a work in progress, the focus wheel, finish, branding and the rest make this feel a bit more like a real phone and less like a dummy phone. Of course, the whole point is moot as the Anycall-branded W9600 will likely never make its way to our pockets, let alone our carriers. But do feel free to wander the gallery and take in the sights.
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