Ostendo multiple CRVD display games-on

We're sort of hoping the third year's the charm for Ostendo and the CRVD display -- we first spotted the crazy 43-inch curved monitor at CES 2008 with Alienware and NEC branding, then just NEC branding at Macworld 09, and now it's CES 2010 and Ostendo is actually selling it directly. Even better, the company's hooked up with ATI for a pretty sweet Eyefinity demo -- sure, you might have seen the three- or six-screen Eyefinity demos in the past, but having three CRVD screens wrap 180 degrees around you is pretty wild. We played a little Dirt 2 and did a little Google Earth zooming on the rig -- we might never scrape the $6,499 per screen for a setup like this, but we can certainly watch the videos after the break and pretend.

P.S.- Yes, the CRVD still has the same weak 2880 x 900 resolution, but Ostendo tells us they're working on something with more pixels for the future. Just don't make us wait another three years, okay?

Update: Our friends at Engadget Spanish went back with their super-sweet fisheye lens and took some more pics -- you definitely want to check them out.