Spracht Aura EQ hands-on

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|01.10.10

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Spracht Aura EQ hands-on
Another day, another Bluetooth headset. Well, not exactly. This futuristic accessory rocks a capacitive volume control, meaning you can turn it up to 11 with just a swipe of your finger on its outside. If that hasn't got you stoked, the Aura EQ has also collected a CES Innovation Award, which should reassure us that the built-in six-band equalizer and dual mics do the job they promise. Unfortunately, we can't offer any corroboration or dispute to their claimed usefulness since no functional units were on hand. What we can say is that the earpiece that enters your ear canal is quite threatening looking and never really fit us very well -- though there will be multiple adapters in the final package. Finally, there's a cool audio enhancement feature, which collects sound from up to five feet in front of you and amplifies it should you need to focus in a noisy environment. The Spracht Aura EQ is coming out within the first half of the year when you'll be able to grab one for $79.
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