Sennheiser RS170 wireless headphones ears-on

We don't generally run around plucking wireless headphones off their stands, but the CES Innovation Award here drew us in for a quick test job. In spite of the almighty din around us, these RS170 headphones delivered terrific noise insulation. They don't feature any sort of active noise cancellation, but just popping the sealed cans atop our noggin was sufficient to neutralize a vast proportion of the mayhem around us. The sound too was impressive -- certainly nothing unexpected given Sennheiser's reputation. What was pleasantly surprising, though, was the $300 asking price and since these are already available we've been able to find them online for as little as $250. For that you also get bass boost and surround sound functions, but from our limited time with the set we'd say you'll be getting some pretty awesome audio straight out of the box.