Astri's dualscreen Android E Ink MID looks and acts like a knockoff

Joanna Stern
J. Stern|01.18.10

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Astri's dualscreen Android E Ink MID looks and acts like a knockoff
We've never heard of Astri before, but it sure seems to be one ambitious company. We figure it's got to take real ambition to create a pocketable dualscreen device with not just one non-working touchscreen, but two! In theory, the Marvell-powered MID or My Interactive Device (not to be confused with Mobile Internet Devices) runs Android on its 4.8-inch LCD touchscreen, while its neighboring 5-inch E Ink Wacom-enabled touchscreen is meant for reading and taking notes. The concept is similar to the much-more-polished Entourage Edge, or even Spring Design's Alex, though we have no idea if Astri intends the two displays to communicate with one another. We'll be siding with those alternatives until Astri can work out its many issues, though we do like the idea of the more portable e-reading device. Oh, and please don't miss one of the most abusive hands-on videos ever after the break.
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