Report: Codemasters to secure new investor amid financial woes

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Report: Codemasters to secure new investor amid financial woes
According to a recent report from the Times Online, UK-based publisher Codemasters is "close to securing" a new investor and will announce the mysterious source "shortly." The news is said to be paired with an upcoming balance sheet restructuring -- a necessity, we imagine, after less than huge releases last year like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Fuel, and Damnation.

The report also indicates that current investors Balderton Capital and Goldman Sachs will "inject new funds" into the publisher, seemingly holding steadfast in their efforts to build up Codemasters as a major publisher in the global market. The two investment firms have already sunk £100 million ($163.3 million) into the company, so, um, well, maybe they know something we don't? We sure hope that's the case -- we certainly wouldn't want any of our golf buddies at Goldman Sachs to lose their bonuses.
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