Apple's iPhone dev program whoopsie: 'Need to update this for the 27th launch'

We're sure everyone in Cupertino is ordering Chinese to the office this evening; it's going to be a late night. I's to dot, T's to cross, as they say, in preparation for what's undoubtedly going to be a big day tomorrow. Of course, consistently burning the candle at both ends leads to mistakes -- mistakes like this, for example: a placeholder on the signup form for Apple's iPhone Developer Program (that we've been able to confirm) reading "Need to update this for the 27th launch." 27th launch, indeed -- so what does this mean? If we had to guess, devs are going to get first crack at an updated iPhone OS -- something the company has done before -- which is suddenly going to make the $99 sign-up fee for the program sound a whole lot more reasonable for the impatient among us, isn't it?