McGraw-Hill's CEO confirms Apple tablet, debuting tomorrow

Color us (not) surprised, but Apple is definitely launching a tablet tomorrow. At least, according to the CEO of one of the planet's most noted book publishers. In a recent interview on CNBC, Terry McGraw (head honcho of McGraw-Hill, naturally), very openly admitted that books from his company would be coming to an Apple tablet "tomorrow," and he also confirmed that his company has "worked with Apple for quite awhile." As he dug the hole deeper, we also learned that the "tablet will be based on the iPhone operating system," and he noted that said books would be "transferable." We're assuming an updated iPhone OS is also in the works, one that presumably supports textbooks in the way that the mythical tablet might. Obviously we're not taking any of this as gospel until Stevie J confirms or denies it on stage tomorrow -- for all we know, Mr. McGraw may have just seen something speculative -- but it's not too often you see a CEO blow this much pointed smoke. Peek the full quote after the break along with the interview clip.

Interviewer [Erin Burnett]: "Briefly, before we go... Apple. Apparently you may get textbooks on the... the, this new tablet? That's coming out.

Terry McGraw: "Yeah! Very exciting. Yes... you know, they'll make their announcement tomorrow on this one. We have worked with Apple for quite awhile. And their... the tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system and so it'll be transferable. So what you're going to be able to do now... we have a consortium of e-books. And we have 95 percent of all our materials that are in e-book format... on that one. So now, with the tablet you're going to open up the higher education market, the professional market. The tablet... the tablet is going to be just really terrific."