All Points Bulletin video podcast shows off the music editor

James Egan
J. Egan|01.29.10

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Fans of the upcoming urban crime game All Points Bulletin may have noticed there's been a bit of a hiatus with the video podcasts that Realtime Worlds has been releasing. (Although Massively did have a good interview with Chris Collins and EJ Moreland about APB this week.) The APB video podcasts are back for 2010 now, though, and Collins has announced that the next few will focus on the game's audio features. They're beginning the series by showing fans the game's music editor, demonstrated by Stuart Ross, All Points Bulletin's Senior Sound Designer.

These in-game audio tools in the Music Studio will allow players to create "death themes" -- very short sound clips that play when you take out another player -- or even create loops and tracks from scratch using software instruments. While the tools look fairly comprehensive, there are simple preset themes for those not familiar with audio tools. Even better, player-created themes and songs are fully tradeable. Players will be able to place their tracks on market for other Criminals or Enforcers to purchase. Stick with us after the jump for a video embed of the All Points Bulletin podcast episode 16: The Music Editor.

No doubt, the built-in mixing tools of the Music Studio will keep a number of APB players entertained, like a creative mini-game. It's very interesting to see that the in-game tools allow this degree of flexibility and creativity, and there's more info about these aspects of All Points Bulletin on the way in the coming weeks.
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