Broadcom co-founder cleared of drug-related charges, party at Henry T. Nicholas III's place!

Usually when a judge says that you have had "a serious drug problem," you're in trouble. When he does so in a court of law in which you've been accused of drug-related debauchery... well, surely nothing good can happen. Yet somehow, thanks to the luck of the filthy rich, Henry T Nicholas III, co-founder of Broadcom, has managed to escape the crazy allegations of wild, drug-filled parties, of spiking executives' drinks with MDMA, and of once smoking so much marijuana on a private airplane that the pilot had to don a gas mask. That said, our visions of wild telecom nights and coke-riddled days aren't necessarily false: the case is being thrown out thanks to improper conduct on behalf of the prosecution, who apparently not only used improper means to influence witnesses but was also responsible for leaking information to the press. (Oops.) Nicholas indicates he's now planning on doing some charity work, but he shouldn't party away his legal fund just yet -- this has appeal written all over it.