Broadcom co-founder allegedly spiked tech execs' drinks, had "warehouse" of coke and meth

We've never really thought of Broadcom as being anything more than a fairly boring chip supplier, but apparently there's some glitz in the silicon game: co-founder Henry T. Nicholas III is currently in FBI custody after being indicted on charges of spiking other tech execs' drinks and maintaining a "warehouse for ecstasy, cocaine, and methamphetamine." The charges are in addition to another indictment charging Nicholas and former Broadcom CFO William J. Ruehle with conspiracy, securities fraud, and options backdating, and a civil suit alleging that Nicholas, Ruehle, co-founder Henry Samueli and general counsel David Dull falsified Broadcom's reported income. There's not a lot of details out there yet about who Nicholas was slipping mickeys too, but we're certain there's a lot of dirt waiting to get out -- expect this one to become an even bigger circus than the Stefan-and-Dieter Gizmondo show.