Planet Risk podcast explains tactics for EVE's high level wormholes

James Egan
J. Egan|01.29.10

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Planet Risk podcast explains tactics for EVE's high level wormholes
The EVE Online-focused Planet Risk Show returned this week after a planned holiday hiatus. For those who've never heard of Planet Risk, it's a live weekly Split Infinity Radio program that's also released as a podcast. Planet Risk differs from most EVE podcasts in that it's largely focused on wormhole colonization, which only became possible after the Apocrypha expansion was released, allowing players to pull back the curtain of known space and head into uncharted expanses. Hosts Luminus Aardokay and Quivering Palm spend most of their EVE time in wormhole space, so they're fast becoming experts on the subject. Indeed, they broadcast The Planet Risk Show from within their colonized wormhole system, which is a rather unique one in the game.

Their home is one of the most hostile types of wormholes in New Eden -- a Class 6 -- where the Sleeper NPCs are especially deadly. The ship setups and tactics used against the Sleepers in such a solar system differ greatly from how it's done in lower class wormholes. They explain some of the tricks that allow them to overcome the Sleepers in their Class 6 wormhole this week in Episode 13 -- right around the 1 hour 11 second mark. It's a good listen, particularly as there isn't a great deal of information available on such high level encounters in the game.
Beyond discussion of how to handle advanced PvE encounters in w-space, in general EVE players interested in this exploration playstyle can learn a fair bit by listening to the show. Plus there's always some great music and (progressively drunken) discussion of all things EVE.

If you're interested in checking out what Luminus Aardokay and Quivering Palm have to say about one of the more interesting aspects of the game, you can listen to them on the Planet Risk Show's site or, if you prefer, you could just subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
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