Fujifilm intros 3D Print System, which probably requires wicked expensive ink

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.03.10

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What do you do if you concoct one of the world's first 3D point-and-shoot cameras? Why, you concoct a 3D printer (definitely not pictured) to work with it, of course! Fujifilm has just kicked out its new 3D Print System, which enables 3D photographs to be created "on the spot" using dye-sublimation technology to print directly on to the base of a lenticular sheet. Unfortunately, prints will only be available in four sizes ranging from 4- x 6-inches to 6- x 9-inches, but we're hoping that some sort of magical firmware update will enable poster-sized prints for those really looking to drive their retinas batty. Mum's the word on a price, but it should hit UK shelves by April for an undisclosed rate.
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