Two Xbox 360 FF13 bundles for Europe, faceplate pre-order bonus for all

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Two Xbox 360 FF13 bundles for Europe, faceplate pre-order bonus for all
Clearly not content with just one measly Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 mega bundle, it looks like Europe will be receiving a second bundle as well. Europe will be receiving the same Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition bundle that was revealed at X10, which includes the game, a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers and downloadable Avatar goodies. Speaking of Avatar items, the release actually reveals what they are: a Rosch outfit, a Nabaat outfit and a Chocobo pet (the same one you might already have, we're assuming). The release didn't specify a price, though Amazon UK lists it for £249.99 ($391).

In addition to that bundle, however, the region will also be receiving the Final Fantasy XIII Elite bundle, which includes the game, a single wireless controller and the standard 120GB hard drive. Again, no price was revealed, though Amazon France has it listed for €249.99 ($340).

Finally, the press release reveals just how you can get your hands on one of the limited edition, promotional FFXIII faceplates. The faceplates will be offered as a bonus for anyone who pre-orders the 250GB Special Edition console. Major Nelson also revealed on Xbox Live that the faceplate will be a pre-order bonus for the North American Special Edition console as well. So, if you really want that faceplate, you'd better be ready to plop down 400 bones for it.
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