HTC Legend hands-on (updated with video)

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HTC Legend hands-on (updated with video)
OK, we admit it -- we're complete HTC fanboys here today at MWC. But c'mon, can you really blame us? Today's HTC launch -- including the HD mini, Legend, and Desire -- while not surprisingly lacking a Windows Phone 7 announcement, was still full of some very, very fine hardware. The Legend is an all-metal set -- the housing is the frame of the handset -- and like the other launches, this one features the updated version of Sense, a new optical trackpad (which seemed to behave quite well) and a stunning 3.2-inch AMOLED display. The Legend also seems pretty sturdy, as demonstrated by HTC's CEO Peter Chou when he smacked it against the wall during the press conference. The take away here is this phone is pure beauty and class, and an absolutely huge upgrade (as far as aesthetics go anyway, we'll hold judgment til we can really test it out) from the HTC Hero it replaces. Follow on for a gallery of photos and check back soon, as we're definitely going to get some video once we can get it into some better light.

Update: Full Legend and Sense UI walkthrough after the break!

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