Ska Studios teases new Dishwasher with ... dish soap

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Ska Studios teases new Dishwasher with ... dish soap

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It makes sense, really, that Ska Studios would tease something to do with The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai using dish soap. After all, he is a dishwasher. The studio -- currently working on XBLA Indie Game Charlie Murder -- recently sent Joystiq a package containing the yellow liquid with a card claiming that it has partnered with a Japanese soap supplier to make the Dishwasher its mascot. The soap, incidentally, sports "nearly toxic cleaning power" and a "100% non-organic, overly chemical smelling lemon aroma".

A quick jaunt over to the "supplier's" website reveals the same image seen on the soap bottle and a countdown set to expire Wednesday, February 24. It's worth pointing out that Microsoft hasn't announced the Xbox Live Arcade release for that week, so it's possible we might be seeing the all-but-confirmed Dishwasher sequel. While that seems just a tad unlikely given the promotion surrounding the first game, it certainly seems like we'll be hearing something about a new Dishwasher game.

Well, either that or this whole spiel about a random Japanese soap firm sponsoring a random XBLA game is actually real, in which case we're assuming a new brand of soap will be revealed. We can only hope it's pomegranate scented.
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