Pixel LV-WI Wireless Live View Remote Control: look out, family self-portraits

We've been live viewing our photos on our fancy new-gen DSLRs for a couple years now, even piping that live sensor data into our computer with a first party app, or, gasp, shooting video our magical newfangled cameras. But we haven't done this yet. Pixel Enterprise Limited has just announced its new LV-W1 Wireless Live View Remote Control, which beams a live DSLR view over that well-worn 2.4GHz channel to a handheld remote with a 3-inch 960 x 240 LCD. It seems like a great idea, and while the future might make even fancier dreams come true -- like a live WiFi 2, The Sequel-beamed image to our Windows Phone 8 Series handset, for instance -- but for now this $335 kit should provide for some pretty spectacular Canon or Nikon moments.