Apple allegedly cracking down harder on adult App Store content

Wobble iBoobs -- an ... ahem ... adult App for the iPhone -- was recently kicked from Apple's digital distribution store due to "overtly sexual content" that the publisher at one point deemed acceptable for sale (to the tune of $300,000 AUD/$269,820 USD). The application's outraged developer has since posted the letter from Apple on his personal blog and aired his grievances more thoroughly over the course of another 11 pieces.

He certainly makes a strong argument against the claimed "overtly sexual" charge from Apple, starting off with the fact that Wobble iBoobs doesn't actually come with any pictures. "Yep, no content – it ships without any pics at all – how can it be overtly sexual, people use their own pics." Further, he lays out what he claims are an Apple rep's answers when he requested the new criteria for App submission, of which include "No skin" and "No silhouettes that indicate that Wobble can be used for wobbling boobs" (like this). While the blog's writer, iPhone app promoter Jon Atherton from Glentwood, has some sound arguments, we would maybe suggest renaming the App. Just a thought is all.