AIST shows off see-through display prototype on video

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.26.10

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AIST shows off see-through display prototype on video
Face it, folks -- the days of windows being just windows are behind us. Before long, our panes will double as widget displays or makeshift televisions, and AIST has the prototype to prove it. The demonstration seems to utilize technology that's far different than that seen in Samsung's iceTouch PMP, but it's certainly no less exciting. According to DigInfo, AIST is developing florescent glass suitable for excitation by near-UV LEDs, and by combining this [borosilicate] glass with LEDs, it's possible to obtain transparent, flat light sources." Better still, we're told that the prevailing thought is that this here technology could be used to develop see-through displays as well as "light sources and displays that use solar cells without modification." Anxious to see what a transparent LCD could do for you? Hop on past the break, mash play and let your imagination run absolutely wild.

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