Sausage stylus comes to the US

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Sausage stylus comes to the US
It was a little less than a month ago when news broke of a South Korean company called CJ Corporation noticing a sharp increase in sales of their frozen sausages. CJ did some digging around and it turned out the good people of South Korea were using their sausages as iPhone styluses. Someone who was sick of taking their gloves off in the cold Korean winter to use their iPhone found out that the sausages were electrostatically compatible with the iPhone's touch screen, and nearly as effective as using a human finger.

South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet. Anything they're doing, we want. And now we can have it. CaseCrown, a company that sells iPhone cases, has acquired a large shipment of the Korean sausages. They are on sale for a limited time for only 99 cents (down from $3.99). So if you don't mind carrying a mixture of dubious quality meat around in your pocket and live in a cold area, the iPhone Sausage Stylus may be just right for you! The sausage stylus is compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models.
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