XpanD X103 3D glasses universally compatible with 3DTVs, but not all wallets

During CES 2010. RealD managed to slide its 3D glasses in with most of the new televisions coming our way this year, but XpanD is continuing its promise to work with any IR-enabled set from any manufacturer (Samsung has already stated its glasses will only work with its TVs, Panasonic couldn't confirm cross compatibility with other brands when we asked) with the X103 series. XpanD is claiming compatibility with "virtually any monitor capable of displaying 3D content". Even with plans for 12 different colors and sizes for kids or adults it's more likely you'll end up in a caption contest than a look book rocking these, but as long as they get the job done they seem like a natural go to for additional pairs when they launch in June. The main problem? Pricing isn't final but Chief Strategy Officer Ami Dror told PC Mag he expects them to run $125 - $150 -- even if the local cinema uses active shutter technology, that's a lot of 3D flicks before you recoup the cost and makes it nearly out of the question to grab a few spares for friends to watch.