Dell debuts wireless, 3D-capable S300w short-throw projector

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Sure, we may one day all simply carry pico projector-equipped phones and ditch any other sort of display, but until then, there's still a place for projectors like Dell's new S300w model. Designed mostly with presentations in mind, the projector can produce a 90-inch, 720p image from a distance of three feet (or 60-inches from two feet), and it packs both built-in wireless capabilities and a so-called "Plug-and-Show via USB" feature for some added flexibility. You'll also get Crestron RoomView Express software bundled with the projector for remote operation and monitoring, and some decent enough all around specs, including 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness, a 2,400:1 contrast ratio and, of course, 3D capability (though not out of the box) -- all for $999.
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