BlueAnt intros rugged T1 Bluetooth headset, sophisticated Android app

BlueAnt's been slinking along in the shadows of the (thankfully) dwindling Bluetooth headset market for years now, and aside from that one voice-controlled V1 that popped two years ago, we haven't seen much from the outfit that really got our juices flowing. Until today, naturally. The rugged, May-bound T1 headset ($79.99) doesn't look drastically different (or smaller) than the aforesaid V1, but it's the firm's first to feature Wind Armour Technology -- something that's engineered to "deliver clear audio in wind speeds up to 22mph." It's also built to withstand the occasional drop and bout with dust / moisture, and in case that's not enough, it'll also audibly announce who's calling so long as they're in your address book. As you'd expect, A2DP streaming audio is fully supported, as is multipoint (which allows it to remain connected to two phones at once and respond to whichever rings first). In related news, the company also announced its new Q1 app for Android (due April 1st), which helps Q1 headset users by reading text messages aloud to you via a presumably flawed text-to-speech system. Hit up the source links for the fully skinny on each, or just hop on past the break for a pair of superbly informative videos.

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