Cell-Mate headset provides hands-free calling, removes dignity

When it comes to testing out new and exotic technologies, nobody holds a candle to Team Engadget. Good thing, too, because that candle, held too close to the Cell-Mate headset, might set your hair on fire while you talk on the phone -- and nobody wants that.

Yes, for $14.99 you too can own the iPhone accessory demoed at CTIA that some describe as "Velcro, a curved wire and a plastic pad," and make handsfree calls at will. Bluetooth, shmootooth -- those little chatty thingamabobs are hard to pair, battery life is a joke, and they make you look like a crazy person when you're talking on them. The Cell-Mate doesn't make you look crazy; it makes you look like MacGyver's not-so-bright nephew.

The video is embedded in the continuation of the post. Once you see it, I think you'll agree that the Cell-Mate is, in fact, Velcro, curved wire and a plastic pad... plus a little thing we like to call "comedy gold."

Thanks to Paul & Sean at Engadget for taking one for the team.