Nokia N8-00 gets first official mention with Symbian^3 and nHD display

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Nokia N8-00 gets first official mention with Symbian^3 and nHD display
Simmer down, we don't have official pics yet (just the supposed leaks) but we do have the first official mention of what looks to be Nokia's first Symbian^3 handset. The culprit is the "NN8-00r100-3G" XML file sitting pretty on right now. The first notables are a "N8-00" model and the "Symbian/3" string listed in the agent header that seemingly confirm that the N8-00 will run Symbian^3. Next is a "360 x 640 pixel" screen size. Note that the N8-00 display is rumored to be 3.5-inches making this a very similar nHD display to the one found on Nokia's current N-series flagship: the N97. The difference this time is that we're expecting Nokia's newest flagship to opt for a capacitive touchscreen display to match Symbian^3's more finger friendly UI. Unfortunately, we're not seeing any mention of the rumored 12 megapixel camera and the only keyboard mentioned is a "PhoneKeyPad" -- in other words, no QWERTY not that we were expecting one. We do see Bluetooth 2.0 and radios for WiFi and GPRS/EGPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA among the other details. Feel free to sleuth the file for yourselves in the source link below while we wait for the mid-April announcement.

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