Nokia N8-00: first Symbian^3 handset with 12 megapixel camera, 720p video, and HDMI leaked in summer roadmap?

Nokia's already tipped its hand for the year Twenty Ten by publicly stating its intent to deliver a sleeker, more attractive, and faster Symbian UI; fewer nags; and at least one Maemo handset before the year is done. What we've been missing though, are the details. While we still don't have the complete story, it is beginning to take shape according to alleged leaks received by Tom's Guide. First up is a new naming convention, something already telegraphed by Nokia's Xseries launch and Cseries trademark. According to the French language site, Nokia will end the use of monikers like XpressMusic or Classic as it simplifies around the following five ranges:

  • C: voice-centric handsets.

  • X: targeting youth, entertainment.

  • E: business focused.

  • N: high-end.

  • S: limited editions.

Tom's Guide claims to be privy to 14 new models, a few of which it spilled the beans on today. Click through for the gossip.

Here's the best of what's supposedly coming from Nokia in the first half of the year:

  • C5-00: seen previously, this is a basic handset with built-in GPS (available June in France).

  • C3-00: low-cost S40 with "full keyboard" for those multitasking youngsters with email (July).

  • C5-01: or is it the C6 that we've already seen? Regardless, it's called a better C3-00 that's meant to go head-to-head with BlackBerry.

Last but not least is mention of the N8-00 (aka, N87 using traditional Nokia naming) -- the best Nokia will have to offer in the first half of the year. Scheduled for a summer release, it will feature a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen for the new Symbian^3 OS' multitouch and gesture support. It's also said to pack a 12 megapixel camera that grabs 720p/30fps video with HDMI-out to quickly share the events you capture or videos pulled from a new video on demand service rumored for the Ovi store. We can't confirm any of this yet, but we will be meeting with Nokia at Mobile World Congress in just a few days -- Monday to be exact -- so it won't be long.