Nokia's mid-tier 'Mystic' to be dubbed C6, will hit stores in May or June?

We can't say we were overwhelmed by the first leaked photos of what we've come to know as the Nokia Mystic, but there's something about this QWERTY candybar form factor that Nokia just does so well that we have to hang onto the benefit of the doubt. The latest news on this front is that the handset will be dubbed the Nokia C6, which makes a lot of sense as a counterpart to the numeric keypad-equipped but similarly styled Nokia C5 that was recently leaked. Word is that the C6 should retail for around 200 Euro (about $274 US), and that it should be released in May or June. It seems logical that we'll see both of these S60 3rd edition phones at MWC this month, but there's nothing solid on that front just yet.