Nokia files for "Cseries" trademark -- but what's it for?

Those who follow Nokia know that its phone lineup is divided roughly into three segments: the Nseries, populated by high-end, media-heavy smartphones (plus the N770, N800, and N810 tablets); the Eseries, concentrating on business, and the four-digit line, which acts as a catch-all for anything not deserving of an Nseries or Eseries designation. It looks like Espoo could be prepping to add a fourth line into the mix, though, on news that they've gone ahead and trademarked "Cseries" in Finland. What "C" stands for is anyone's guess, but this does dovetail nicely with the near-constant stream of information suggesting Nokia will be driving hard with MIDs and netbooks later this year and next, so maybe the "C" stands for "computer." Of course, it could also stand for "crap," so we've just got to wait and see what becomes of this little moniker.

[Via puhelinvertailu]