First 3G iPad sighted in the wild, Steve Wozniak plays it cool by riding a Segway (video)

Loyal reader Parth Dhebar is keeping us updated on happenings in the San Jose Valley Fair Apple Store this morning, and earlier laptop signings from the Woz have escalated into an impromptu Segway demo courtesy of the eccentric Apple Inc founder. Where he got the personal transporter from, we don't know, why he's riding it around and doing his best Paul Blart impersonation is not important, what matters is that we've got video of Steve Wozniak on a Segway and it's right after the break. We're also told an iPad has emerged out of the ether for the Woz-man and his fellow early bird queuers to have a tantalizing play around with -- presumably thanks to Apple Store employees treating their patriarch like they should. The perks of being in the right place at the right time, eh?

[Thanks, Parth]

Update: That's a 3G iPad old Steve is playing around with! Look at the plastic up top. We'll do our usual digging to try and find out how that wily superhero managed to get his mitts on a device that's a good few weeks away from release.

Update 2: We've got video of the 3G iPad running Netflix. An Apple engineer apparently walked through the queue with it, it didn't come out of Steve's magical trenchcoat pocket.

Update 3: Interested in seeing Woz grab his iPad, sign a few hundred others, and then ride off into the sunset on his Segway? Gallery's just below. %Gallery-89696%