iPad launch day, Broadway/UWS store

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Michael Rose
April 3rd, 2010
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iPad launch day, Broadway/UWS store
The sun-dappled temple of Apple just north of Lincoln Center was quite a bit more laid-back than the 5th Ave. store, at least by the time I arrived in the late morning. Reservations were being handled downstairs (no line to speak of) and walk-in sales up on the show floor. Stock of all three models was "fine," according to overheard chatter between salesfolk and would-be buyers. (They also seem to be pushing the MobileMe, for what it's worth.)

I did swing by the Best Buy that's conveniently located between the two uptown NYC Apple Stores, and indeed they also had iPads in stock. No line there either, but a nice little crowd chatting with the Apple Specialist. Note to whoever put the laserprinted sign on the front door: it's "iPads," not "Ipads."

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