Inhabitat's Week in Green: hypermiling, electric FedEx, and frog foam


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Inhabitat's Week in Green: hypermiling, electric FedEx, and frog foam
The Week in Green is a new item from our friends at Inhabitat, recapping the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us.
This week Inhabitat explored the high-tech side of green building, showcasing Shigeru Ban's new design for the Pomidou-Metz art museum, and announcing the near-completion of the greenest skyscraper in the world. We also explored green building strategies ranging from super efficient LED lamps.

We also saw several signs that the next generation of efficient vehicles is right around the corner - this week Chevrolet rolled out its first production Volt while Nissan announced the final pricing of its Leaf EV - a remarkably affordable $25,280. Even the hard working vehicles at FedEx are getting some much-needed relief as the company rolls out its first round of electric delivery vans. And if you're concerned about green vehicles going the distance, look no further than this student-built supercar that's able to get 2,487 MPG.

This week biotech also blew our minds as researchers unveiled plant-based molecules that could create more efficient solar cells and a new type of photovoltaic frog foam that's capable of capturing carbon. Finally, sticks and stones may break bones, but scientists have figured out a way to grow new ones -- using liposuctioned human fat.
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