What's up, dock? Henge ships low-cost MacBook docks

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What's up, dock? Henge ships low-cost MacBook docks
I've often heard an excuse from people who refuse to even consider a MacBook or MacBook Pro when they're in the market for a laptop. The story goes like this -- "I have this really cool Dell / Lenovo / Sony / Asus computer and when I get home, I can just pop it into my dock to hook up all the cables!" While docks have been available for Apple laptops, they're usually pretty pricey and not very well marketed.

That's all about to change. A newcomer on the scene, Henge Docks, is creating a full line of MacBook docs that are just starting to ship. The first models to receive the docking goodness are the 13" MacBook and MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody), and the rest of the Apple laptop line is available for pre-order.

The docks take advantage of Apple's current design trend to put most ports on one side of the MacBook line. Your MacBook fits vertically in the dock, and any cables attach to the dock -- not to your MacBook. In many cases, cables are supplied by Henge, but other wiring (the MagSafe power cable, for example) has to be suppled by the buyer.

As I mentioned, the pricing on these docks is great. For the 13" aluminum unibody MacBook, the dock is only $59.95, while the 13" MacBook Pro dock sells for $64.95. Henge is sending us a review model to take a look at, and we plan on giving one or more docks away to lucky readers in the near future.
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