Metro Conflict: Presto is latest UE3-powered free-to-play FPS from Korea's Redduck

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If you're anything like us, you woke up this morning hoping for a brand-new, Unreal Engine 3-based, free-to-play shooter from South Korea to be announced. And alas, Alliance of Valiant Arms developer Reduck has satisfied just that need in announcing "Metro Conflict: Presto" by way of a joint press release with Epic Games Korea.

We only note the collaborative nature of the press release because of the total lovefest that ensues around three paragraphs in. "Epic's Unreal Engine 3 was a big factor in our success with A.V.A. [and] we're looking forward to pushing ourselves even further with Metro Conflict: Presto," Do-Min, Ok, chief technology officer at Redduck, said of the deal. Epic Games Korea's Ray Park similarly offered, "We're thrilled that they're using Unreal Engine 3 again for Metro Conflict: Presto, and can't wait to see what they're able to do with it this time." And he'll see soon enough, as the free-to-play FPS is planned to go into open beta this December. But for now, we've got the dramatic teaser trailer for you just above.
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