'Exclusive' GameStop Lost Planet 2 DLC already on Marketplace

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'Exclusive' GameStop Lost Planet 2 DLC already on Marketplace
We knew that the exclusive Lost Planet 2 pre-order bonus maps from GameStop would be publicly available eventually, but this is just silly. A sharp-eyed tipster has revealed that the Lost Planet 2 "Map Pack #1" is actually already available on Xbox Live Marketplace. That's particularly noteworthy considering the game's retail release is still a week away. We're guessing someone flipped the "release maps" lever a little too early, and chances are the map pack will soon vanish into the ether once more.

For what it's worth, the pack is currently priced at 400 ($5). We suppose you could be sneaky and buy it early, but if you really wanted the maps you've probably pre-ordered already, right?

[Thanks, Joey]
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