Wooden DSLR shoulder rig does follow focus with a twist

We have to admit we have an affinity for finely hand-crafted gadget accessories -- be they iPad cases or PC chassis -- and we're especially impressed when they add some unique functionality to match their looks, like this wooden DSLR shoulder mount built by Jonathan Clifford Berqvist and his father Erik. In addition to being built from a single tree branch, the rig packs a nifty follow focus mechanism that lets you adjust the focus with just a twist of the handle. While there's unfortunately no step-by-step plans for building your own, it certainly seems to be straightforward enough for anyone with some basic woodworking skills, and you can get a glimpse of the build process in the video after the break.

DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist on Vimeo.